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Hearing Aids 

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Behind The Ear (BTE)

A behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid hooks over the top of your ear and rests behind the ear. A tube connects the hearing aid to a custom earpiece called an ear mold that fits in your ear canal. This type is appropriate for people of all ages and those with almost any type of hearing loss


Open Fit

Open fit hearing aids are mini behindthe-ear (BTE) hearing aids that are designed to hide behind the outer ear. Sound is transmitted into the ear canal via a thin plastic tube that connects to a tip that sits within the ear canal. This tip does not block the ear canal like traditional hearing aids. The result can be a more natural and open feeling. Air and sound are still allowed to enter the ear naturally, while amplified sound from the hearing aid enters through the tip.

Receiver In The Canal

RICs are a type of open-fit hearing aid that use a thin plastic “micro” tube that extends from the body of the hearing aid (housed behind the ear) over the outer ear and into the ear canal. A small, soft tip sits inside the ear canal without sealing it. This way, air and sound can continue to flow to the ear canal naturally, reducing feelings of being "plugged up".

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In The Ear

An in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid is custom made in two styles — one that fills most of the bowl-shaped area of your outer ear (full shell) and one that fills only the lower part (half shell). Both are helpful for people with mild to severe hearing loss and are available with directional microphones (two microphones for better hearing in noise).

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In The Canal

ITC-style hearing aids are custom-made, based on an impression taken of your ear canal and the surrounding area. They are slightly larger than completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids, but still considered cosmetically appealing. All of the components in an ITC hearing aid are encased within a lightweight plastic shell.

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Completely In The Canal

A completely-in-the-canal hearing aid is molded to fit inside your ear canal. It improves mild to moderate hearing loss in adults. A completely-in-the-canal hearing aid: Is the smallest and least visible type

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